RF Trainer loads to home screen and then nothing happens


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I get the trainer edition to load and my nx6 connects, but the game loads and then nothing happens, I cant even click on the top menu bar. it loads to the point of a green plane on the ground then stops and i guess freezes for lack of a better term. My computer is a brand new gaming HP Victus so I have a hard time thinking the computer isn't sufficient to run the game.
I have the victus with the intel i5 nvida. ive been searching the threads just havent seem to find the right one yet.
No idea then. I haven't seen any threads about nvidia problems, so there might not be anything much here. But there were a lot of them about amd. I have a GTX960 with no problems, so I guess I can't really help.
It couldn't hurt to go to nvidia's web site and check for updated drivers. They release them frequently. They should be able to detect your card & pretty much automatically install the latest drivers. New PC's almost never have current drivers installed. They're already out of date before they even leave the factory.
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@JPC006, please provide some additional information about your setup. For example:
  • What type of processor do you have?
  • What version of Windows are you running?
  • Is it a desktop or laptop?
  • What kind of display are you using?
I suggest contacting RealFlight Product Support for further assistance. At the same time, this is not the first report we've heard of RealFlight appearing unresponsive on startup, and we are interested in more info.