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    Northop XB-35/YB-49 Build

    looks real nice!!
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    Northop XB-35/YB-49 Build

    okay, thanks!!
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    Northop XB-35/YB-49 Build

    This is off topic, but where did you get the hind from?
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    P-51 Mustang Mk1a EP_EA

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    Feature request: multiplayer host option: game mode: no aircraft collisions

    maybe try a field with multiple plane and pilot spawns
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    P-51 Mustang Mk1a EP

    looks AMAZING technoid!!!
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    Thanks just grabbed it!!!:D:D:D??
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    Multimode Combat

    There isn't a point system, but if you weaken the strength multipliers of different components, when the plane gets shot, the Gs will rip something off, usually the rudder. Also turn on kablooey so you can easily tell if you took something off.
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    Northop XB-35/YB-49 Build

    Wow!! it looks amazing!!!
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    P-51 Mustang Mk1a EP

    Looking good, very good detail!! (y)
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    P-51 Mustang Mk1a EP

    Nice! I can't wait!!
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    E-flite Air Tractor_EA

    If you are using the dongle and a DX6e then it will be whatever your auxiliary switch is (Ch6). on your radio go to main screen->select->system setup->Channel assign->next(Channel input config)->D(Aux1)->then change to whatever you want it to be set as.
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    North American P-51 build thread

    Looking great legoman!! Happy New Year!
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    North American P-51 build thread

    Sounds very complicated, but I like the idea!!(y)(y)
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    ME 109 RF7-5 V1_AV