Dassault MD450 Ouragon 1500mm 4500g 20N EDF_AV

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This easy-to-fly, 220 kph, 2m wingspan, 6 kg EDF variant of thegibson's beautiful model of the Ouragon (Dassault MD450 Ouragon_EA) is shown in its IAF colours (IJ450_CS).

She diiffers principally in that it has had the wingspan reduced to 2m, the engine changed to an EDF unit of 30N thrust, and the airbrakes are now operated by closing the throttle fully (they can be retatracted again by opening the throttle slightly). Additional mixes have been added to the elevator channel to 'boost' the elevators a little when the gear is down and / or when the flaps are down. Flaps are on the knob.

Other changes mainly relate to making tthe model more realistic in terms of weight, wing loading, battery size and weight, tyre type and weight, battery location etc.

The batteries will give 4½ mins flying at full chat, by which time battery capacity will drop to below 1000 mAh and its time to set up to land and recharge, or fit a fresh pack if you can afford more than one 12 x 4000mAh pack!

No flaps are required for take off because the EDF unit produces full thrust immediately. For landing move through mid flaps then full flaps. Get the gear up as soon as you can and don't put the gear down until you are fully established in the approach to land because ithe gear not only imparts significant drag but also makes handing her unneceassarily more difficult. Be careful using the airbrakes when below 90 kph as they are quite powerful and with only 30N thrust, recovery from slowing down too much, takes a little while. Aim for about 60 to 70 kph when approaching the threshold when landing.

Kudos to thegibson for (yet another) marvelous model - I love the early jets and he has made day! I know he has been very busy with new models, but keep up the excellent work Mr Gibson, we all really appreciate it! How about some of the aircraft that were develped ftom it, the Mysteres, and some eary British jets; the Gloster Meteor, English Electric Canberra and Hawker Hunter - any (or all!) of these would set me up(and many others, I'm sure).

Many, many thanks, once again,


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Dassault MD450 Ouragon_EA