Dassault MD450 Ouragon (ABoT)_AV

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This very easy to fly, and very elegant, 240 kph (150 mph) Dassault MD450 Ouragon has a wingspan of 2.37m (7ft 8 in) and weighs 7.376kg (16¼ lb) wet, 7.03 kg (15½ lb) dry and is powered by a gas turbine engine that develops 58N (13lb) thrust at full throttle.

The Dassault MD450 Ouragon was the first 'home-grown' French jet fighter to go into operational service and sold well to other nations, including Israel - the IAF colour scheme is available as IJ450_CS.

In this AV, the original model (Dassault MD450 Ouragon_EA) by thegibson (very talented man that he is) has been changed only in these respects:

1. Changed to Air Brakes on Throttle (ABoT); Air Brakes extend when the throttle is fully closed, and retracted again when the throttle is opened slightly.
(Be careful - the Air Brakes are very effective below 90 kph and the model may take a while to pick up speed again)

2. Throttle set to have -100% exponential (minus 100%) at all times - this gives much finer control at the extemes of travel - very useful for controlling thrust at the low end of the range.

3. A few, slight, changes to component and servo names.

However, to my mind, some of the values, component positions,etc, are not quite realistic, the wing loading is rather low at 71.1 g/dm^2 (23.3 oz/ft^2).

I have addressed these issues in my other AVs; the 2m 30N turbine, the 2m 30N EDF and the 1.5m 20N EDF models, which I hope you will enjoy.

Many thanks to thegibson for producing this beautiful (and so many othervery fine) EAs for us to enjoy - keep up the excellent work, we all really appreciate it!

I love the early jets - this is one of my favorites, it made my day - perhaps we could have some more? Then I would be mega-chuffed!

Don't forget to download and import the Israeli Air Force colour scheme (IJ450_CS) - yet another piece of thegibsons fine work.


This variant requires:

Dassault MD450 Ouragon_EA
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