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E-Flite Blade 120 SR

Original Description
The Blade 120 SR is a fixed-pitch heli that will give you the confidence to master the basics of single-rotor flight. Its unique rotor head was specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a coaxial helicopter, but provide the agile control of a single rotor helicopter. Modeled after the popular ultra micro-sized Blade mSR, the sub-micro-sized 120 SR is larger, faster, and more powerful -- which makes outdoor flight a reality.

Type: Sub-Micro Fixed-Pitch Single-Rotor Helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 318mm
Weight with battery: 106g
Length: 318mm
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Channel 1 Aileron
Channel 2 Elevator
Channel 3 Throttle
Channel 4 Rudder
Channel 5 Dual Rates
Channel 6 -- N/A --
Channel 7 -- N/A --
Channel 8 -- N/A --

F1 Fixed View.
F2 Nose Camera.
F3 Chase View.
F4 On-board Boom View.
F5 On-board Cockpit View.
F6 On-board Forward Facing View.
F7 On-board Gear View.
F8 On-board Rear Facing View.
F9 On-board Skid View.
F10 On-board Swash View.

3D Model and CS by oneeyejack.
Physics by Dr.Moo!

Thanks to
Dr.Moo! for his help with the physics!


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