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It's been a while but here's a new CS fresh out of the REBEL Paint Shop.

About the real Edge 540...

The Edge 540 is a scary plane to fly because it has no "feel". Other airplanes have a self-centering control resistance. In other words, the farther you move the controls off center, the more pressure you'll feel. There are 3 factors in this: 1- How hard does the control have to be pushed to move it off center? 2- How much does the force increase the farther you move the control? And 3- How quickly does the airplane change direction?

Most airplanes have enough resistance to "feel" where center is. Most Airplanes have a noticeable time lag between control movement and airplane response. The Edge 540 has NONE of this. The instant you move a control, the instant the airplane responds, and FAST. NO "feel", NO time lag. If you just twitch the stick, you could do a complete roll faster than you can say "CRAP"! It has a roll rate of more than 400 degrees per second. It's hard just to keep it in level flight.

This makes the Edge the most sensitive and responsive aerobatic plane ever designed. Only an expert aerobatic pilot can fly the Edge 540.
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Trivia: The registration number (FK2012) on the tail is what I think of all those nut bars who believe the world will end in 2012. OTOH, the movie looks awesome. New evidence shows that the Mayan calendar will end in 2012, but it re-starts from the beginning again. So, PARTY ON dudes!

This color scheme requires:

50% Edge540 BA_EA
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