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Final version of this CS. Patty Wagstaff's gorgeous black & silver plane is the new Extra 300SR and it's the first to incorporate a full chute recovery system (the plane has a parachute).

NOTE: I found some new photos of her plane and the underside of the left stabilizer also has the color curved stripes and silver (see photo #4 below). This is now fixed on this version. I also made it a little blacker.

Patty Wagstaff is one of the top aerobatic pilots in the world today. She's won gold, silver and bronze medals in Olympic-level competitions and is one of the few pilots to win the title of US National Aerobatic champion 3 times. She has flown Airshows and competitions all over the world, won multiple awards and also works as a stunt pilot and aerial coordinator for movies and tv.

How good is Patty Wagstaff? Before one airshow she took 12 hours to read an airplane's pilot's manual and got checked out on it. She then took off and performed an aerobatic routine, in a P-51 Mustang!!!! Check out the video "2007 McGuire AFB Open House - Patty Wagstaff & P-51D Mustang" on YouTube.

Jet fighter pilots can be subjected to G-forces as high as about 8 positive Gs while wearing a G-suit. Aerobatic pilots can be subjected to as much as 10 positive Gs and 8 negative Gs (as in an inverted outside loop) without a G-suit!! That's tough.

If you want a more aggressive aircraft, make the following edits.
Airframe: CG adjustment: y=-.50 (will fly level at 1/2 throttle)
Fuselage: Increase weight to 14 lbs (to compensate for engine)
Engine: Prop diameter: Reduce to 26 inches
Engine: Sound profile: OS 300 Twin (sounds meaner)
Engine: Torque generator: DA 150 (higher rpm)

This color scheme requires:

Extra330S BA_EA

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