Extra330S Racy White_CS

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Here's my shiny new 5th color scheme, fresh out of the PaintShop. It looks fast just sitting there, but combine it with the tweaks I listed in my PattyWagstaff Black CS and you'll have one aggressive aerobat. (What can I say, I love this model)

If you look at the photo of the real plane, you'll notice that the stabilizer has blue stripes on top and red on the bottom. Since the left wing is not visible, I decided to put blue stripes on the left wing, making orientation easy when flying.

Minor Glitches:
- When you rate this CS, ignore the red aileron tips and the underside of the nose (in front of the exhaust).
- These glitches are caused by the way the original Extra330S BA model was color mapped. The coordinates for the aileron tips overlap the landing gear struts, and the side graphics are stretched sideways under the nose.
- It was impossible to get white aileron tips and the final blue square under the nose (believe me, I tried).

This color scheme requires:

Extra330S BA_EA

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