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This model is of the F-15E Strike Eagle in 1/5th scale.

Description from Boeing's website:

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a superior next generation multi-role strike fighter that is available today. Its unparalleled range, persistence and weapons load make it the backbone of the U.S. Air Force (USAF). A complement of the latest advanced avionics systems gives the Strike Eagle the capability to perform air-to-air or air-to-surface missions at all altitudes, day or night, in any weather.

CH1: Roll
CH2: Pitch
CH3: Throttle
CH4: Rudder
CH5: Air Brake
CH6: Flaps
CH7: Landing Gears
CH8: ??? I don't remember
CH9: 3 Pos switch for Arrestor Hook (furthest down)/ Canopy (Closest up)

The wheel brakes are operated with the CH2 pitch control in the most forward position.

Original EA by: Matthew Wilson (mwilson914)
Original CS by: Matthew Wilson (mwilson914)
Physics by: Matthew Wilson (mwilson914)

It took two and a half weeks to complete this model. Approximately 80--90 hours went into the 3D model including the CS and setting up physics. This is why it is nice to have other people around that like to do CS's for you. :)

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