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This is a RF8 model of the FS-1 ("Flying Sub") from the 1960s TV show Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.
The FS-1 was introduced during the second season.
The focus of this build was the land based version that would have been shown if the series had not been cancelled.
So it has the retracts that make it distinctive.

Flight notes:

Retracts on Ch7
Opening hatches (including the interior one behind the flight deck) in rotary knob Ch6

Because of where the main wheels are, the physics were tweaked to have very low rolling resistance to keep the FS-1 from tipping over.
The brakes DO slow it down, but apply a very small amount of down elevator and hold it there and let the FS1 slow down.
A bit tricky, but it works.

Thank you for all the help and encouragement on this build.

Special mention to legoman for the invaluable help on the retract modeling!

Modeled by: Fly_electric
Color scheme: Fly_electric
Physics by: Fly_electric