JAS-39C SAAB GRIPEN (Physics Update)_AV

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JAS-39C SAAB Gripen (with updated Physics)

Since the physics have changed quite a bit from Realflight G5.1 to G5.5+, I haven't liked the way in which the Gripen flies. It was also bothering me to listen to the afterburner (thrusters), kick in everytime I was full throttle. Yes, it seemed cool at first to me, but I get annoyed by the things I do eventually.

I've also updated the small diameter of the nozzle during the increase of thrust--more dramatic visual effect. I've decreased the power of the turbine from 50lbs of thrust to 35.

This version of the Gripen now cruises at 185mph approximately. The servo speeds have also been modified for most control surfaces from .28 sec, to .36 seconds. I like the handling of this model, so thought I should upload this AV.

***This version flies like garbage in RF6*** Only use this AV for Realflight G4.5/5.5.

This variant requires:

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