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This model has many first time features which are fun to discover and observe. This Gripen features a dialating thrust nozzle which moves automatically with increasing or decreasing the throttle. The nozzle also goes to the full open position when the afterburning kicks in at the full throttle position. In addition to just seeing the nozzle perform this action, other thrusters have been added to give an enhanced sound of the afterburner rumbling as is the model screams by.

The HUD also features animated arrows which move with the aid of AFS gyros. All characters in the HUD glow once the sun drops down enough on the horrizon. One last feature in addition to glow objects is again, within the nozzle. When looking directly behind the aircraft, you can witness the inside of the engine not only glowing, but see the flicker of the fire inside. This is thanks to two offset disks rotating in opposite directions to accomplish this illusion.

The landing gears are fully operational and if you are creative enough to free up a channel, the cockpit has a pivot in the correct location to open and close the canopy.

Controls are fairly typical in their locations.

CH1 = Roll
CH2 = Pitch
CH3 = Throttle
CH4 = Yaw
CH5 = Dual Rates
CH6 = Knob -- Leading Edge Spoilers for landing
CH7 = Landing Gear
CH8 = 3 Pos Switch -- Controls air brakes at mid position and introduces canard brakes for short stop time on landing. The real Gripen operates in this manner and pilots training on the SAAB simulator are known to land on aircraft carriers without use of a tow cable.

All other channels are assigned in creating the animations and other functions necessary to make this model come to life. I hope you all enjoy this model as it has been fun to discover and create it's current state of features.

Thanks to Dr. Moo and csgill75 in giving me input to create the features. A special thanks to csgill75 for the function of the nozzle with afterburning. Dr. Moo gets a special thanks for how to operate the HUD animation features.


"i dont want to perfect 10 so i wont but this plane blooooowwwwwws absoloutley horrible and im not kidding... but i looooooooooooooooveeeee your f15.."

1.) I've compiled a list of all your points to make this a better model for you.
2.) The version I created no longer "blooooowwwwwws."
3.) Now the model just sits on the runway doing nothing.
4.) This is a nice sitting model--thanks for your well thought out feedback, "i" have an even more better gooder model. thx

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