MCD Dotlingen II_final_PI

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Here's another G3.5 field I found which was uploaded, empty, by a few people over a year ago and forgotten. It's such a nice field that I decided to finish it. This is a good as it can get.

Everything except some background items (cows, background trees) have collision objects. I even put in some ambient sounds so you'll feel like you're actually there.

Since the ground is uneven, I've had to make some compromises, and a bit of clever depth buffer placement. Those of you who have trouble with uneven ground should open the field in the editor and see how I did it.
_ _ _ _

Sorry to contradict you austinman, but all collision objects are the correct size and at the correct visual distance. They were all tested before upload. Try flying your plane into a tree, or running into a fencepost or one of the people! You'll see I'm right.