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Hey there! Enjoying my RealFlight models? Consider checking out AccuRC 2. If you like my models for RF, you'll love my work for AccuRC.


Mikado Logo 690 SX

"The new LOGO 690 SX from Mikado is a cross-over model, combining the best of the 600 and 700 size helicopters. This makes for extraordinary flight performance."

3D model and setup by Johnny31297
Setup checked and refined by Tim Kostorz. Thanks dude! :)

-All the 690 SX upgrades of course ;)
-Shiny metal and properly smoothed parts :p
-Accurate setup feeling just like the real thing
-Nick Maxwell's Helix blades 695mm
-Fully animated control system
-Many new details
-Canopy drop via Channel 6

Enjoy! :)
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