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Hey there! Enjoying my RealFlight models? Consider checking out AccuRC 2. If you like my models for RF, you'll love my work for AccuRC.


minicopter Triabolo
...the first 3Blade-3D-Heli for RF7!

-Based on the minicopter Diabolo, this heli is using all the same sounds, model details, materials and animations.
-ColorScheme compatibility to Diabolo textures!
-Highly detailed 3Blade rotorhead made from the original CAD files to be as close to reality as possible
-Real 3Blade physics tested by minicopter factory pilot Miles Dunkel :)
-Canopy Release functionality via Channel 6
-Completely cured precession-bug! (Fly TicTocs with your tail actually staying in place!)

Jonas :)
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