Moo Customs Finch (0.061 3D Heli) (G4.5)_AV

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For G4.5 - G5.1 ONLY!!! G5.5+ Go Here:


Aircraft Description:

I took the stock Finch (.049) Heli, and wanted to see what it could do if I made it into a CP heli, with the stock engine, and more head speed. Flight times are about 2 1/2 Minutes TOPS.

I reduced the weight, changed servo speeds, the blades, the paddles, and a few other little things for this heli. It's VERY fun to do 3D with, and It's REALLY funny to watch. It also autos VERY nicely for a 250 Class. (which makes it a bit un-realistic)


Original Description as from my site:

Moo took a simple design, with diminutive size, low weight, and durability, and turned it into a 3D machine. This Finch started life as a Fixed Pitch heli, and was modified into a little "3D Monster". Using the stock engine, Moo made that more efficient to squeeze out about two and a half minute 3D flights out of this little machine.

With a Simulated Spartan Quark, 250 Sized Radix Stubz, 210mm Radix Main, and Tail Rotor blades, A stiffer head, 3,800RPM Head Speed, JR DS290G's running at 6V for the Tail and Throttle servos, and some Hitec-HS5065MG Cyclic Servos, this heli is Responsive and Fun!


***Disclaimer: The "Spartan Quark" Gyro *MAY NOT* hold like a REAL Quark. I have one, but I have not Pushed it to see what exactly it can do. Also, the Curtis Youngblood Radix Blades, and Stubz on this Heli DO NOT Exist in Real Life, I simply Reduced the parts size and weight from the 450 Class parts in the sim, to get the values for these parts.***

Check out my site, more files and other R/C related things at

This variant requires:

Finch from RealFlight G4
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