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This SU-30 is a 2seater with The 2D thrust Vectoring. it also has the Added stability of the Canards and Gyro Stabilization.

Several Countries have them in there Forces.
India, Venezuela, Malaysia, Indonesia, China (PLA), and of cause Russia.

Most of the Credit for the Production and Development can go to the IAF (Indian Air Force) with there Push and Demand, they have Implemented The technology of many different Companies to Bring the SU30 out of the Cold war days , and into Modern High tech Weaponry and Avionics. (Effectively giving this Old bird a New set of Eyes and Some Powerful Punching power.

Further Information on the SU-30 MKs can be found on Wiki

Special Thanks To DHK and OPJose for the Early stage testing
Aircraft 3Dfile by CDT
Physics By CDT
Color Scheme By CDT

Physics description.
Gear switch, flaps knob, and Low High rate switch are as they are.

3-Way switch
(Norm Position)will put you in Aero mode (IE No Vectoring)
(Mid Position) will give you Thrust Vectoring
(High Position) Will give you Thrust Vectoring and Gyro

When in the High Position, your Duel Rate switch is now;
High rate and HH Mode
Low Rate and Rate Gyro

Selecting Gear down will kill a little throttle and automatically Disengage the Thrust vectoring.

Breaks. Air and Wheel are only available in Gear down with throttle Below Half and 1/4 for wheel breaks.

Expect to crash this Plane, but expect to have some Fun with it in time.

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