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"Toad's" Align Trex 450S or "The Beast" as it's called, For RealFlight G4.5

This is an Align Trex 450S that has been setup to fly like "Spasticatedtoad's" "The Beast".

This Heli Has an Align High Power 20C 11.1V 2100mAh 3S LiPo battery that has a Simulated LVC in the Sim. The Rotor Blades are powered by an Align 430X 3,550kV Motor (with a 13T Pinion Gear and 150T Main Drive Gear), and uses an Align RCE-BL35X ESC.

The Cyclic Servos are all Hitech HS-65HB Servos Running at their correct 6V Speeds (.11). The Tail Servo is a Hitech HSG-5084MG Servo (.05).

The Gyro is a Futaba GY401 Heading Hold Gyro.

All Servo Speeds, Motor Gearing, and Throttle/Pitch Curves are set how the real "Beast" is set up

Original Model By: CollectiveDT
Variant By: Dr.Moo!
Heli Specs: Spasticatedtoad


Is required for this to work, Import that then Restart RealFlight, Then Import this and Restart RealFlight,

Happy Flying

This variant requires:

Trex 450SE V2 G45_EA