A Guide to Downloading and Importing swap files

There is a File Management routine under the Simulation column in RF. Use that to remove files.
FYI, i replaced recently my XP32 with Win8/32. Now RF6.5 creates the DDS files, too. It seems that there is a restriction regarding Win XP when it comes to the processing of large DDS files.
I am always in awe with how many people still run XP. If I were having problems with new software behaving correctly under my very old OS I would naturally assume the OS to be the bottleneck and upgrade. Glad to hear you are now enjoying the intended level of detail for user created models.:)
The problem isn't with XP itself. It is a memory problem when processing 4096x4096 maps. I ran XP64 for years without an issue. It was the same XP engine, but had access to more memory.
I don't see why this should be a memory problem. 4096x4096 points, lets say each represented by four bytes make around 68MB RAM. I have 4GB, XP32 uses 3GB. Thus i can put the map 50 times in the memory. That should be ok. Plus i was able to make the processing using Photoshop and the Nvidia plugin as described.

Anyway, the problem is solved.
I'm glad for the sticky but how do you import an airfield?? Is it the same way as described for importing a swap file? a member made a photofield of our old airfield. A friend of mine and myself just bought 6.5 but don't know how to import the files. It is a zip file with 14 files in it.
Try the import function of the sim. Import it as an .rfx file. It's under the Simulation column. It's hard to say without seeing the file.
The same exact steps. Just choose your airport rfx and follow the on screen prompt. Then find the new airport under the environment tab. Easy peasy.;)
I am running 6.5 but there is a plane that I want to download that requires a plane in expansion pack 5. Is there any way around that??
I try to import the file: Super Goblin 700_AV.rfx but my computer crashes in creating DDS.
I have a few downloaded AV's and the EA is in expansion pack 1. The AV won't show up on my list after I import it.