Techair Commander EP


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The more I looked at the name Techair Commander GS the more it looked wrong, GS isn't a standard suffix so I decided to scrape it and go with Techair Commander without any suffix. I've already renamed the plane and did a final build so the only thing left to do is create the Red CS that I'll release at the same time. I also decided not to use the last change I made to the physics so I scraped that too.

So everyone that imported the beta needs to use Manage User Files to DELETE the beta before you import the release. Sorry about the name change but I decided I didn't want any suffix, the plane is what it is, so the standard name should be good enough. I'll still start the release notes with the same thing explaining what my version of the Commander is which should stop any direct comparisons to the E-Flite version.


Beautiful model! Thank you for that. I've a lot to learn.

May I ask, did you use Blender or 3DS or something else? I'm trying to learn the craft and am still at baby steps, essentially!


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I used 3ds. Good luck learning to model. The Boof69 BoxTrainer video is what I learned to model from.


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Very well done Technoid, a superb job and thanks for all your work. It looks just like the real thing and flies really well.