Techair Commander EP

I went back and did a second test so here's two pictures to compare. The first picture is the same as the one I posted earlier and the second picture has the wing a "tiny" bit thinner.

The first picture is 130% at the root and 80% at the tip.

The second picture is 125% at the root and 75% at the tip.

Techair Commander EP 29 (130-80).jpgTechair Commander EP 29 (125-75).jpg
I was going to leave the tail wheel a standard wheel "not a mag style". But looking at pictures of the model the tail wheel was a "mag style" too so I went back this morning and copied and resized the front wheel to make a new tail wheel. So here's yet another picture of the wheels.

Techair Commander EP 36.jpg
I added the seat back and brace today. I may lower the seat back a little, the height matches the picture of the plane I'm using to model it but the pilot's head is close to the canopy and without the pilot the seat back might seem a little too high. What do you think?

Techair Commander EP 38.jpg