Techair Commander EP

I decided to try and create some hair. It's not a wavy hair job but it seems to work. At least there's some depth to the hair instead of it just being painted on the head like I was going to do. Does this look okay?

Pilot 25.jpgPilot 26.jpg
You know it seems like anytime I look at something I find something I want to tweak. Last night I tweaked the frame for the glasses and made the headband a little narrower. I have one more thing to do I found a little place on the frame that has some shading so I'll fix that next. Then hopefully it will be time to map it so I can see what it looks like with some color.
After I looked at the Pilot a few more times I realized I did the headphones wrong so I went back and reworked them. The first thing I realized is I had the headband going back at an angle and all of the pictures I have show the headband going straight up. So how did I do it wrong, like I always say.. I'm a dummy. And while I was at it I reworked the shape of the headphones to match the majority of the pictures I have, by that I mean the earpiece isn't round anymore. Plus the placement of the headphones seemed wrong so I moved them to where I thought the ears would be, but the first headphones were placed too low. So I've pretty much completely changed them.

I still have both earpieces so if you like the round ones better let me know.

Pilot 28.jpgPilot 29.jpg
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