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The best of the swap pages - Planes you WANT

This thread will spotlight user created aircraft which best showcase the simulator's features in the areas of RC Simulation, Scale, Fun-to-fly, Physics and Color schemes.

Consider this to be a "best of the best" listing.

Some posts may include base models, color schemes and AV files that when used together create an outstanding simulation experience.

Files will be selected by a small panel of "experts"

Please do not attempt to post on this thread as it's purpose is to maintain a list.

These plane will look much better in the sim than what these images show.​
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All of these are "Must Haves" for the sim....


Bücker Bü 133B Jungermeister


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All-around great model of a bi-plane.
The color scheme accurately replicates the original aircraft and the physics match the performance characterized by the original.

From Willsonman - The Spirit of St. Louis


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Outstanding level of detail in both the 3D model and color scheme.
A bit hard to fly for the novice, but the physics accurately replicate the performance of a fairly nose-heavy bird with a small tail.

C-5 Galaxy


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The Fowler Flaps and main gear motion are the most complex of any on the swaps.

Terrafugia Transition


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A street-legal airplane that folds its wings with the ability to drive like a car (both forward and reverse).

Both the physics and the 3D replica were confirmed by the actual aircraft’s manufacture.

From mwilson914 - Powered Para-Glider


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A "gotta have" unique model. First of its kind in RealFlight.



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Good use of bump mapping and the physics were verified by the owner of the real RC model it replicated.

An enhancement of the same aircraft is Paulene, which adds a very detailed pilot with a wonderful “Easter Egg”.

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A good model, but mostly added for its “fun-to-fly” characteristics. With its slightly forward swept wings, the Parrot is capable of an amazingly stable flat spin.

From Inky00 - Piaggio Pegna PC 7


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First hydro-plane modeled for RealFlight with props for both water and aerial operation. Also nice use of bump mapping.

T-34C Mentor


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Good handling characteristics and a very detailed color scheme with bump mapping for all of the rivets and variations of the aircraft skin.

T-38 Thunderbird


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This plane was added to the “best of” category primarily for its color scheme. The flowing lines mating on adjoining surfaces and totally encircling the aircraft present a challenge to the modeler.
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From CollectiveDT

CDT TREX 450se

With almost 31K downloads, this is a very popular helicopter. It is a very good representation of the actual helicopter.

This helicopter is enjoyable as it represents an affordable entry into high end helicopters.


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With almost 20K downloads, that is a good indicator of the quality of this model. The TRex500 is a stable helicopter and represents the sale of many of these models.


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Northrop N-9M


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The unique physics of a "Flying Wing" monoplane is accurately reproduced.

TF P-51D


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Top Flite's Gold Edition P-51D Mustang with multiple engine selections. The choice of an electric power plant fills in the cutouts needed by the head of the four-stoke option. Plus it’s a detailed model with good physics.

F-4B Phantom


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The very first use of shootable missiles in RealFlight, long before G5 came out.

Lockheed P-2 Neptune


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Replica of the first plane to be fitted with both piston and jet engines, with scale performance and handling confirmed by an actual P-2 driver.

George’s F-16


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Included for the joke “Easter Egg” more than anything else, showing just what is possible within the physics limitations of RealFlight.

Hangar 9 Ultra-Stick (multiple versions and color schemes)


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Simple plane but has functioning "Quad Flaps". This means that each aileron and flap is operated by an individually controlled servo. The functions of the ailerons and flaps are set by switches, which activate special mixes.

These mixes include:
Flap-to-Aileron for insane roll rates.
Flap-to-Elevator for extreme loops.
Crow-to-Throttle for airbrakes.
And, of course, Normal Flaps.



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An extremely fun light amphibian. Good detail in both the model and physics.

From Polypoke - Prometheus


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Awesome job all the way around. An excellent color scheme and a joy to fly.
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From Palmi

Alpha 40 Trainer


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Simply the most accurate rendition of a beginner's plane in ANY sim what-so-ever.

Novices are advised to download and start off with this plane first, to prepare for their real life training.
From ViennaLex76 - The Back to The Future Delorean


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This one is a lot of fun. A detailed flying version of Doc' Emmett Brown's famous time travel device.

It hovers, it flies... where's the hoverboard? Outta' time!
From DirtyHarry3033 - The Douglas TBD Devastator


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Beautifully done warbird, with normal mapping details, dropping torpedo, etc.

From DirtyHarry3033 - Dornier Do-335 Pfeil


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An unusual and great looking warbird with an equally good flight model.
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