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    Play in 3d on monitor?

    Yes it will work but to do so you need a 120hz monitor and an Nvidia card running DirectX11. You also need the shutter glasses and pyramid from the old Nvidia 3D Vision setup. It is STILL supported if you install the old standalone driver enhancement add-ons that were shipped with the glasses...
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    I have RF G4 Is there a drone file for this version

    You should purchase the upgrade to Realflight-X which has drones.
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    I have RealFlight G4

    You should order the software upgrade to Realflight-X, which should include drones.
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    Planes control not linear

    I can't reproduce this behavior.
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    2 displays

    Windowed mode permits you to stretch the viewport across two screens. But I'll bet that what you really want is to have on person on one screen and another on the other screen... to which the answer is NO.
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    Installing RF7.5 to a another computer without physical drive?

    No need to "deregister" it too. As long as you enter exactly the same registration information on the replacement machine, it will activate.
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    RealFlight Migration Tool - RF7 edition

    If you only have a "few" aircraft you are better of NOT using the tool and just reinstalling the aircraft.
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    RF 7.5 wont start

    If the "reset" did not work, I would advise re-downloading your video drivers again. Then perform a "clean" install of the drivers (performing a CLEAN install is very important!). Once done reboot and download and install the DirectX9.0c redistributable and install it. Again reboot and run...
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    RF 7.5 wont start

    Run the launcher and "reset" the Realflight configuration. This often happens when there is a major driver update or you change your video configuration or there is a major operating system upgrade. Realflight's settings are no longer correct for your new configuration.
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    Real Flight 8.0

    From a moldy post from days of old:
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    learning helicopters, G3 or 3.5?

    Coming back to this old thread because this topic was just discussed... From the ETL explanation page... " Pilots must correct for this tendency in order to maintain a constant rotor disk attitude that will move the helicopter through the speed range where blowback occurs. If the nose is...
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    Installation without CD ?

    Windows 7 and above will also mount ISO images of DVDs and CDs, on machines that have no drives. You can even do this from a thumb/USB drive. You can also copy the entire DVD to a thumb drive, and install from there, as long as you label the thumb drive properly in Windows... see other threads...
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    RealFlight 7.5 won't launch - Keeps telling me to connect my controller

    Your transmitter is not sending out PPM signals via the cord. It is likely NOT in "trainer" mode. There is a Stickie here about setting up DX series controllers that applies to you.
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    yaw not working

    Start by calibrating the Interlink in Windows, then again in the sim. Once you've done that, check what the sim sees in terms of inputs.
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    ?? loading new aircraft

    See this link: Click Here