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Goblin CEMA 700_CS

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Recently, a fellow RF member asked if someone could do a color scheme of his grandfathers Heli, (for a gift to him) SO, because so many RF members have helped me in the past, and having only done one Heli before. I thought I`d do another one and pay it forward and take on the challenge of doing another more challenging color scheme on a Heli . For those that are curious about the "CEMA" in the name of the heli, ( I asked our member to name the heli) those are the initials of the RF members grandfather, they are both from Mexico and they both fly heli`s in the real world as well as in RF. I hope everyone enjoys this CS, it looks real nice in RF, scroll down too check out a couple pictures under "latest updates. "ALSO, be sure to download the original "EA" where it says " This color scheme Requires" (directly below)

This color scheme requires:

SAB Goblin 700_EA

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