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Here's a HOT new CS for the Python, fresh out of the REBEL Paint Shop. It's a little different from the real thing because I only had one photo of it for reference (no top view). I also added blue & white checkerboards on the ends of the horizontal stabilizer.

About the registration number! Just read it upside-down.

I found some weird glitches in this model...

1. Why is the throttle response so slow? Also, how in hell did the model creator manage to set the throttle servo speed to ZERO!!!! When you change it, you get an error message and at the minimum 0.01 setting, throttle response is even SLOWER!?!
2. How come some engines DON'T react to throttle changes (they stay at idle)?
_ _ _ _

Those of you that want to easily add flames to your CS, go to "www.abstractfonts.com" and download the "Vehicle Decals 'Flames & Art'.ttf" font. They also have other nice dingbat fonts like paint splatters, tattoos and lots of other picture fonts.

This color scheme requires:

Pitts Python_EA

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