Potential fix for Intel iGPU compatibility issues is now available (RealFlight Evolution and 9.5S)

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*** UPDATE: RealFlight Evolution users, instead of this please try the new DirectX 11 public beta. ***

As previously described here and widely discussed elsewhere on the forums, recent generations of Intel's processors can't run RealFlight using their integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) because they dropped support for DirectX 9. (Those processors still work fine in combination with a dedicated graphics card.)

New builds of RealFlight Evolution and RealFlight 9.5S are available which may let affected users run their software normally. These builds rely on a third-party open source library, DXVK, which translates DirectX calls and renders using Vulkan instead.

Current State
RealFlight Evolution: This approach yielded good results in our own testing, and a handful of users have also reported success.

RealFlight 9.5S: Internal testing was unsuccessful, but our results may not be typical. We are releasing it so users with other hardware can easily try it and report their results.

RealFlight 8: Initial results suggest the same steps do work with RF8. We are not providing beta builds of this older software. Users can manually implement the workaround. Watch for a post in the RF8 forum with more details soon.

Beta Status
We are releasing these builds as beta versions. You must follow the easy steps below to obtain them.

We have not tested these builds extensively. There may be issues that surface for some or all users. Also, this is more of a workaround than a permanent fix. Nevertheless, if it can bridge the gap until we are ready to release a DirectX update for Evolution then we are all better off.

Note that if the beta build does not fix your issue, you should install the most recent beta drivers for your iGPU and try again.

Version Numbers
The build numbers were not incremented. In both cases, the new update is exactly the same as the previous live build except for the addition of a new .dll.
  • RealFlight Evolution: 10.00.026
  • RealFlight 9.5S: 9.50.068
Please provide feedback on your results in the following dedicated threads. Hearing about success and not just failure will help us know how well this approach is working for people.
How to Get the Beta Build
  1. Restart your Steam client to ensure it is aware of the new versions.
    1. Right-click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit.
    2. Once everything closes, run Steam again.
  2. Right-click on RealFlight Evolution/RealFlight 9.5S in your Steam library, then select Properties...
  3. In the Properties window, select Betas on the left.
  4. Click the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" dropdown control to expand the list.
  5. Select "dxvk-intel-fix".
  6. Close the Properties dialog.
  7. Steam will now download the new version (which will be a very small download).
Thanks to user @asj5547 for bringing this workaround to our attention!
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You can switch back and forth between the dxvk-intel-fix beta branch and the default (non-beta) distribution branch at any time. Simply perform "How to Get the Beta Build" steps 2-7 from the post above, except in step 5 choose "None" instead of "dxvk-intel-fix".