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I created custom retracts for the F8F that fold in on itself like the real plane and because of that I wasn't able to use the built-in retract method so they require the RETRACT SWITCH to be in the GEAR DOWN POSITION before loading or resetting the plane.

In RF-8 everything works pretty well but at times if the retract switch isn't in the Gear Down Position before you reset or load the plane the plane may bounce until you press reset. But in RF-X the retract switch MUST be in the GEAR DOWN POSITION before the plane is loaded or reset or the plane will break apart on load or appear tail high until you press reset. All you have to do is be sure the Retract Switch is in the Gear Down Position for the amount of time it takes the gear to cycle before you press reset and the gear works perfectly. I think the custom retracts add a lot of realism and are worth the extra effort.

If you plan to use the F8F-2 Bearcat in RF-X be sure to read the RF-X NOTES at the bottom of the page. If you're computer savvy it contains information that let's you make the plane look much better in RF-X.


Here's my version of the Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat. I think the F8F is one of the best warbirds ever created but never got a chance to prove itself in World War II because it was released at the end of the war. But it did see combat in the French Indochina war and with the South Vietnamese Airforce. It's considered to be the pinnacle of piston engine fighters with performance on par with early jet powered fighters. Of course then there's the Rare Bear racing version so she's proven herself to be one fast cat, err.. bear. So give her a try I think she looks great, fly's great, and sounds great.


My controls are a bit different so here's how they're setup.

Gear DN: CH 8 3 Position Switch Towards You.
Gear UP: CH 8 3 Position Switch in the Middle.
Smoke ON: CH 8 3 Position Switch Away from You.
Canopy: CH 7 Switch retracts the Canopy.
Flaps: CH 6 Knob controls the Flaps.
Tailhook: Drops below flaps down 85% and raises above 85%.
Brakes: Applied using Up Elevator.
Wing Guns: Wing guns fire using the CH 5 low rate switch.


Highly detailed 9 Cylinder Radial Engine.
Cowl flaps open and close with throttle.
Stick and Foot Pedals move with flight controls.
Landing gear folds in on itself as retracted like real plane.


You can change how the plane looks by using the Engine To Show setting in the Physics. So to change the look of the plane set the Engine to Show to one of the values below. I also uploaded a picture on the swap pages that shows what the plane looks like for each of the following settings.

4STROKE - Show Wing Guns, Bombs, and Missiles
2STROKE - Show Wing Guns Only
ELECTRIC - Show Spinner Only (Good for Rare Bear CS)
NONE - No Guns, No Bombs, No Missiles, No Spinner

Because a display configuration must belong to a single object both the 4STROKE and 2STROKE options belong to the left wing so when the plane crashes they don't break apart like normal and are stuck in their display position, but that's the price for having different display configurations.


Landing Lights in the middle of each wing
Navigation Lights on each wingtip and end of fuselage


When flying a 3d field in RF-8 or any field in RF-X you can use the following cameras.

F4 Cinema Cam
F5 Pilot Seat
F6 Plane Front
F7 Plane Left
F8 Plane Right


Plane Design: technoid
Engine Design: technoid
Engine Sound Profile: technoid
Physics Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid
Dashboard Gauges: technoid


I want to thank doug schluter, BrokeDad, DDawg, and asj5547 for their help testing betas and great feedback on problem areas.

A special thank you goes to legoman for giving me a copy of his wing airfoil and doug schluter for giving me his exhaust panel detail that made a big difference in the look of the plane.

I also want to thank all the guys on the Developer's Forum they're always there when I need help and offer great suggestions to make the plane better.

doug schluter
uncle twist
adrenoline 60
Bill Stuntz
And anyone else I might have missed, thanks.


After importing the plane normally using the RF-X Editor use the following information to delete the spec map file this will give the plane more gloss so it doesn't look dull.

Because RF-X works differently than RF-8 the F8F-2 Bearcat looks dull in RF-X. But if you're Computer Savvy and know how to use the Windows 'folder and search options' you can delete the F8F-2 Bearcat spec map file in RF-X to make the plane look much better. Don't worry if you don't like the plane after you delete the spec map file you can simply 'save' the plane again from the RF-X Editor and it will create the file again.

Path to the RF-X version of the F8F-2 Bearcat in RF-X

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Knife Edge Software\RF-X\Vehicles\F8F2Bearcat

* This is a hidden path so you must use the 'folder and search options' dialog box and select the radio button in front of the 'Show hidden files, folder, and drives' option in the 'view tab' or you won't be able to see the 'AppData' folder.

To improve the gloss on the F8F-2 Bearcat delete this file in the path above.

* The 'hide extensions for known file types' option must be unchecked in the 'folder and search options view tab' or you won't be able to see the '.dds' file extension but you can still see the 'F8F2Bearcat_s' file so delete it.

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