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    Grumman F8F Bearcat

    Cockpit shot.
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    Grumman F8F Bearcat

    One of my favorite airshow memories is taxiing out to the runway following a Bearcat at the Tacoma airshow a couple of years ago. Such a cool plane. We took our time taxiing past the crowd. No one was looking at my Extra. Everyone's eyes were on the Bearcat. We got to the end of the...
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    Wingtip fences?

    Yes they certainly do. You can add them as sub wings with 90 degree dihedral or add them as separate wings. Either way works. There are some differences in how the physics system handles each of these cases, but probably you won't notice a difference either way. Jim
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    Hobbico bankruptcy: What does this mean for RealFlight?

    2017 was a tough year for Hobbico but they are rebuilding their stock levels. This isn't the kind of bankruptcy where it is likely they will shut down but even if that happened we would continue making our software. Jim
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    Physics Corner

    RealFlight considers every wing segment so the extra work you are doing is absolutely changing how the aircraft flies. The changes might be subtle, but they are there. Jim
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    How to save current situation RF 7.5

    Well you could edit the airport and change the aircraft spawn point, but that is probably more trouble than it is worth. Jim
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    With or W/O Interlink?

    You no longer have to have the Interlink, but we still recommend it. It's more convenient than using your own transmitter. Jim
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    I just received RF8

    We did make some changes to the rendering code that might make things faster but it seems unlikely it would make such a big difference. If you have time go back and make sure that the rendering settings are the same between RF 7.5 and 8 and then let us know if the frame rates really differ by...
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    Questions about RF-8

    Yep! Jim
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    Questions about RF-8

    We do not support VR controllers at all, and only one controller at a time in any case. Jim
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    Questions about RF-8

    Here is a video of the RCG guys talking with Bryan and Alex at Hobbico about RF8: It might answer some questions. Jim
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    Change Camera Mode not functioning

    Are you flying at a PhotoField? Camera changes aren't supported at PhotoFields. Jim
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    Gnomes in the simulator

    We've been putting gnomes in all the scenes for awhile now. There might be some airports that don't have them, but I think they all do. Some are very hard to find. Good luck! Jim
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    Graphics Card Opinion

    We could do it with a fractal terrain or something to save on download size, maybe. We wouldn't want to spend time on something like this unless this proved to be a lasting issue. My thinking is that dealers and customers haven't learned to pay attention to the system requirements yet. Or...
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    Graphics Card Opinion

    I'm going to answer that with a "maybe". I have a system at home that runs it great at 2560x1600 with a lesser card, but until we have more people out there reporting their results I don't feel like I can make a promise. There is no reason why you have to run at desktop resolutions. RF 7.5...